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Park Tricks

Even the simplest cards game may become difficult to win, if your opponent is a sexy undressing girl, showing you more with each next your victory in the game

models: Ariela Donovan
4.2 / 5
Played    6683
Beautiful girl proposes to strip for you in the park, if you will win a simple cards-tricks game. Choose cards for your hand, and take more cards-tricks, by covering her cards with your higher cards. Each set you win, she will really strip to the next level. Just a bit of luck and the wise tactic, and she will be playing with her pussy in the public park

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To Hooked 2023.08.19 02:37
There is some risk with that. Only works if they dont have a higher card than you of that same suit. Otherwise they cover it and can then play a different suit that you cant cover, so youd be screwed. Also even if you wait for an ace before picking a suit, you might not be able to load up on all of one suit with the remaining cards left.
Hooked 2023.08.18 18:21
Remember that they have to follow suit, so if you load up on one suit you got the computer beat
2023.08.17 20:58
how the hell do u beat the game
Pete 2023.08.17 20:31
Good Game
2023.08.16 22:45
how do u beat the game
5 2023.08.16 11:52
lovely girl, 4 stars for this game.
2023.08.15 14:23
More Park Tricks
Dan 2023.08.14 05:44
Not bad concept, and helps to see the opponents cards. But this game would have been much better if players could grab from both rows of cards, not just the one closest to them. Because there is no opportunity to disrupt the opponent from just grabbing the highest cards on their side, or to overcome bad luck rounds like when they get 3 or 4 aces on their side, which they will certainly grab and you will probably lose that round. That first part of the round is basically just for show. Would being able to disrupt them make it too easy? Maybe, but more fun I think and would be another element to the game.

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