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Red Devil gives you a chance on Halloween - more chances to guess right cards in HiLo game

models: Izzy
4.2 / 5
Played    6569
How to win from the Red Devil on Halloween? - Try this HiLo version: You may notice cards faces during suffling to 4 parts of deck. Then choose the part with the best top card and choose Higher or Lower. Eazy to win and undress this Red Devil

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Pete 2023.10.04 23:25
Just A Game Of Chance, Pretty Girl Though.
Dan 2023.10.04 03:52
On second thought, its probably good that it wasnt longer than 6 levels, because even in this game it can still be pretty luck based after the initial part of each round, and take some time to win. However, a trick is if you know that a card will go against the next pick of the opponent i.e. they have an 8 or higher so they will pick lower, but you know there is a higher card than that on top of a deck, then you could leave that card so that they might pick it and lose their pick.
Dan 2023.10.04 03:32
Revealing cards this way can help initially in each round, but you cant really see any cards below the top one in each deck, much less memorize them all. So practically speaking, you could memorize all the top cards if you dont miss them, but once theyre gone its back to luck for the rest of the round. Despite this limitation, it does make it a little easier than regular HiLo. 6 levels is a good length for regular HiLo, if anything this version instead could have been the one that was a little longer at 8 levels, but its ok.

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