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PokHer in threesome - strip both your sexy opponents with your higher Poker combinations

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This time in threesome with 2 sexy opponents: The "PokHer" game is based on Poker idea: collect higher Poker Combination, than your opponents. Each player receives 5 cards from the deck, and the deck in divided into 4 parts (subdecks). These subdecks are placed in 4 corners of the field, with cards face up. Player may discard any card at his hand, and take new card from subdecks. New card comes to his hand and replaces the discarded card. The game set has 5 rounds. The player, who has the lowest Poker Combination, loses the set and undresses to the next level. Your sexy opponents will prove that there is the reason to win the game, and to "poke" (strip) them both to the highest 7th level!

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Hi 2021.04.10 23:25
Hi I am sexy
Braxton 2021.03.30 22:32
Sex lover
Mary 2021.01.29 09:06
Great game
eb 2021.01.23 20:40
Tattoos. look her up and enlarge writing on breasts/
Dan 2021.01.20 05:06
Good level of difficulty and rules benefiting the player to make up for having to deal with 2 opponents. Again you can switch and then stand in the same turn so that they still only get to finish their current turn. Also good videos.
jon 2021.01.16 17:03
Agatha Vega (right girl) has tattoos
Pete 2021.01.15 13:09
tattoo or scar tissue?

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