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Twins PoXer

Poxer cards game: Add the card of the same suit or value to the previous card... The player who can not find such card loses, and you (of course) go to the next level. And beautiful twins go on with their strip show

models: Ariela Donovan
4.5 / 5
Played    6914
Sexy blonde twins perform synchronous strip dance. And when you win the simple cards game, they both will show you more. Twin strip is much sexier then usual striptease! Poxer cards game: Add the card of the same suit or value to the previous card. You play with opponent, and the game idea: the player who can not find a card to add (same suit or value), loses the game. If your opponent lose, you go to the next level, and beautiful blonde twins strip both to the next level.

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2 stars 2022.10.29 02:21
Slow and boring
Pete 2022.10.26 22:06
Nice Puss
bo 2022.10.26 09:56
levels 7 and 8 are the best, she`s hot, nice concept of game, tsiom
Dan 2022.10.26 03:40
Certain devices, probably that are older, see 2 green screens blocking both sides of the board. The girl dances over them, but cant see any cards except when the girl gets swiped, but even then can only see the first 2 rows of cards. Cards farther back that you cant see can still be clicked to be used, but its very hard to play like this.

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