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Tricky 3Some-2

This time - in threesome: take more cards tricks, to strip those sexy blonde and brunette

3.6 / 5
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Tricks-Taking Cards game in threesome: you play with 2 hot girls-opponents. Higher card covers the lower card of the same suit. Who puts the highes card - takes the Trick. Who have more Tricks - wins the set. The loser strips.

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Dan 2021.05.08 06:59
When you get down to 1 opponent left, it is nice that you can see the highest card they start with, but I noticed that if they also start with another card of the same rank but a different suite, it does not get shown. This is a bit misleading because for example if they have an Ace as their highest card, it may not actually be their sole highest card because they could still have another Ace that is not being shown. So I think to account for such a situation, any cards with the same highest rank at the start should be shown, instead of just 1 being shown at random which could mislead the player.
Dan 2021.05.08 06:39
Its pretty hard to win a 3 way tricks game even with going first. I did win after awhile, but I think something that would make would make this game better is if when its an opponents turn, the human player should get to play their card last, after the 2nd opponent plays theirs. Because it is pretty frustrating when you play a card that would beat the 1st opponents card, only for the 2nd opponent to play a card that beats yours. Theres nothing you can do about that. Meaning, you dont know whether to throw away a card or to try to beat the 1st opponents card, because you dont know what card the 2nd opponent had and will put down. So if the player instead got to put their card down last during an opponents turn, it would allow better planning, both for winning tricks and for throwing away cards when you see that you cant win.
Arjun 2021.01.16 12:11
Need to play
Sex girls 2020.08.23 13:51
Sex girl
2020.08.19 19:32
this game is fucking trash, opponents are always dealt with better cards
Kannan 2020.08.04 16:40
Arun 2020.08.02 13:01
Need to play
Kamal 2020.07.27 08:35
Hanna 2020.07.06 19:33
Bill 2020.07.02 14:53
Riya 2020.06.24 10:50
Wanna sex
Bella 2020.06.16 12:07
Hi Have a great day
Luke Walsh 2020.04.05 15:15
I wish these girls could quarantine with me and my mom
2020.04.02 03:15
Unfaires Drecksgame!! Es gibt keine Möglichkeit diesen Scheiß mit Strategie zu gewinnen. Reines, dummes Glück.
Dan 2020.03.31 00:45
Rerusing an old video (Veronica) i see, how disappointing. Shame on you!
alex542 2020.03.31 00:10
where tf is that 3some at?
Viral 2020.03.30 14:57
Sleepless 2020.03.30 14:55

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