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Collect Black Jack on 4 cards, faster than your sexy opponent

models: Blue Angel
3.9 / 5
Played    31446
The game is based on Black Jack idea - collect 4 cards with Black Jack (BJ) Sum = 21. You and your opponent receive 4 cards from the deck. Both players want to receive the BJ Sum equal to 21 on his 4 cards. You may discard any card at your hand. Then choose some card from the deck (4 subdecks). The new chosen card comes to your hand and replaces the discarded card. Then, the opponent's turn. The player, who gets BJ Sum = 21 wins the set. If you win, you go to the next level with hot sex show.

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Marko 2022.04.07 20:07
I like games
Falcon 2021.09.25 01:53
Like other commenters already said. This game is based on too much luck and not enough skill.
Dan 2021.01.21 09:44
This game is too luck based, at least for 10 levels which could take a long time. The main issue is there are too many pushes, where opponent gets 21 in same turn as you, so you dont level up. We dont need that ion top of often unavoidable level downs. Game should either have less levels or just have the player win a level instantly if they get 21, like other blackjack games.
Bill 2021.01.03 07:16
Bill 2021.01.03 07:15
C.f. hecking
Porco dio 2020.12.16 23:35
Porca Madonna
aditi rao 2020.12.01 07:21
Hardwood 2020.11.24 08:54
Stupid game of chance no skill
Ard 2020.11.15 20:24
Great Game
Pete 2020.11.12 19:46
Nice Girl
stupid 2020.11.11 23:48
Ace only count as 1, even when your score is 11.
wanker 2020.11.11 14:56
whohooo, love this girl, level 9 hohoooooo

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