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Tricks Up

Cover opponents cards with your higher cards, to take more Tricks - Cards Tricks game. The whole cards deck is in the game. So, you have enough chances to take more Tricks and strip the opponent girl

models: Lia Sky
4.4 / 5
Played    3914
The Cards-Tricks game has the main rule: Higher card covers the Lower card of the same suit. These two cards make the Trick. The player, who has given the higher card wins this Trick. And the player, who has taken more Tricks wins the game... According to the strict rules, the opponent (hope, this time it is the sexy girl) must strip down. So, you - go Tricks Up!

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2024.07.17 16:38
lvl 7 is short but cool, lvl 10 is nice. Sky is amazing here
Daniel 2024.07.16 04:41
Pete 2024.07.11 22:29
Lovely Pussy
bob 2024.07.07 11:25
squirting and cumshots please
Dan 2024.07.06 22:49
Actually, even if you dont have 4 points, it can be useful to wait or do nothing if you are still ahead or tied with opponent score, because then you wont level down, and also you might have a chance to cover their card with a later card that comes up. Overall, theres quite a few tricks that you can use to win or avoid leveling down, so its a pretty good game. The show is also decent.
Dan 2024.07.06 22:29
Tits are shown starting at level 3, maybe they arent big or focused much on, but still. So in this game you might be screwed if you didnt get 4 points and pick a card that opponent can cover, because then they get first move advantage for rest of round. However, I see there is a chance that they may play something that you can beat, so at least theres that. What this encourages though is somewhat cheap play, getting 4 points the safest way you can such as with aces, and then doing nothing for rest of round, Or at least if opponent gets a point, then doing nothing for rest of round if you have 4 points. Another good thing though is it seems that opponent wont play a card that isnt fully, or not enough, on screen. Otherwise that would be a cheap way to lose your first move advantage.
2024.07.06 10:27
No tits

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