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Poker Rows-Duo

Collect poker combination in card-tiles row - delete all extra cards. Make your combination higher than opponent's and enjoy the fresh strip show next and next level!

models: Aimee Rox
4.3 / 5
Played    8177
Two tables wit 5x5 card-tiles are on the screen - one is yours, another is opponent's (by the way, you may choose the cards table!) Delete all "not-needed" cards from your table, till the last 5 cards in the row, with your poker combination. If your combination is higher, (don't be surprised) you win the game set and go to the next level. (Now, you may be surprised:) You are welcome to the next level of strip show!

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Real bo 2023.01.26 12:35
her buns - level 4, mmmmh. 4 stars cause without doggy. Mike - thanks.
Mike 2023.01.19 14:42
Easy game, just need to find a full house or four of kind combo before choosing.
Real bo 2023.01.17 16:47
that fake bo is so funny and dummy. I`m laffin at him every time haha
bo 2023.01.16 03:08
ugly girl tsiom
2023.01.11 11:49
Opponent is far too slow. Have to decide what to do before choosing so spend ages waiting for opponent to choose.
Dan 2023.01.10 04:33
Jesu I have seen opponent get four of a kind and even Royal Flush when possible. Thats why you need to choose the table with the best possible hand.
Pete 2023.01.09 22:28
Dinky litte tits, Bite size
2023.01.09 21:36
bad game good girl
jesu 2023.01.09 13:36
opponent always goes for fullhouse. and there are always at least one FH each table. so pick the one which is higher
Dan 2023.01.09 06:08
I think its too hard to be enjoyable even if possible, because opponent plays perfectly so the human player has to spend so much time searching and making sure to find the best hand before choosing a card table, otherwise will lose and level down.
Not worming 2023.01.09 04:19
None stand button

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