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Poke her in PokHer - make better Poker combination to strip your opponent

models: Nikita
3.9 / 5
Played    31621
The game is based on Poker idea: collect better Poker Combination, than your opponent. Both players receive 5 cards from the deck, and the deck in divided into 4 parts (4 subdecks). These subdecks are placed in 4 corners of the field, with cards face up. Player may discard any card at his hand, and take the new card from subdecks. New card comes to his hand and replaces the discarded card. The game set has 5 rounds. The player, who have received higher Poker Combination, wins the set. And sexy girl will support you in this game, and will show you more with each next level!

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FeetLover 2021.08.29 17:13
I just love her feet. Would love to lick them
[email protected] 2021.07.12 00:28
Thre 2021.05.14 10:26
JJay 2021.05.06 21:01
Wow can I see more babe?
2021.04.05 23:01
Show your boobs
Ekk 2021.02.27 01:36
Eat the pussy
Buggy 2021.02.24 13:41
Jackpot 2021.01.14 04:26
I want play
grrr 2021.01.13 12:43
she reminds me of Tai from JHP
Tyn 2021.01.09 01:11
Dan 2021.01.02 11:14
By the way there is a sort of trick to make easy mode even easier. Right after switching a card, you can click stand to do both things in one turn. That way you can switch a card while still limiting the opponent to only 1 more card switch, which makes it easier to guarantee a better hand. Because if you instead wait until your next turn to stand, then the opponent would get to switch another card.
Dan 2021.01.02 10:46
Easy mode is a welcome edition for those who want it. It also helps against bad luck or if you want to win faster, since you can lose quite a bit of rounds in this game on hard, even with good strategy. But I did beat it on hard and recommend at least trying it on hard. Ironically though, the game that released right before this one (Jack Pool 9) would benefit more from an easy mode than this game.
Cockey 2021.01.02 02:51
Suck me
1 2020.12.31 11:32
2020.12.28 Nice puss 15:44
Pete 2020.12.28 15:44
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