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Poker Duel-2

Shoot cards to win poker and receive the lesbian reward

models: Gitta Szoke, Zafira
4.1 / 5
Played    30719
Shoot cards to discard, to receive better Poker Combination. You and opponent receive 5 cards each. To discard your cards, you may shoot with your gun. Hit the card that you want to discard. Also, you may hit (kill) opponent's cards, if you think, that opponent's poker combination is higher. To stop "discarding-shooting", hit the "STAND" target at the top of the screen. After it, both players receive new cards, replacing discarded cards. If you have better combination, you win the set and go to the next level. Also there are some girls at the background, but they dont prevent you, they are just playing their lesbian games.

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dret 2023.04.24 20:52
love zarifa. would totally love more games with her
2022.07.17 12:48
The worst game ever only the video is good
Gom 2022.05.06 12:55
Nemat 2022.02.26 11:35
Sahm 2022.01.10 19:52
Iove xxx
hey 2022.01.07 06:20
does someone have a link to this video
Hayden 2021.08.21 18:46
i really like to download this game
Marcin 2021.05.25 08:27
Strip 2021.05.21 22:41
You guys are so hot I wish you sucked my dick
Andres 2021.05.08 03:18
Nice game
Dan 2021.03.27 01:14
I see there was a few sensible changes from first game. No 11 shot limit anymore, but that was kind of pointless and not needed anyway. Stand target is slightly wider now too so slightly easier to stand faster.
Imran 2021.03.24 13:38
I try to this game and enjoy
marko 2021.03.24 01:11
Dan 2021.03.23 07:58
I remember the first version of this game. Pretty good, although I will say its pretty tough to look at all 10 cards, recognize the poker combinations, and shoot to change 1 card and/or stand before the opponent shoots one of your cards. But even if you miss that chance, there is usually still some things you can do to improve your chances and hopefully win after not too long.
2021.03.13 16:34
Pete 2021.03.11 21:55
Nice Pussies
Aniyah 2021.03.11 02:56
Be sexy
boobeaeter 2021.03.08 09:35
Good game and vids

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