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52 poker cards are placed in 52 pockets on the billiard table border. Make the best poker combination, putting your balls to chosen pockets with cards. Each your success will be highly appreciated by lesbian support team

models: Blue Angel, Henessy
4.0 / 5
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The HTML5 remake of the popular PokerPool-4 version. 52 cards are placed in 52 pockets by the borders of the billiard table. When you put some ball in such card-pocket, this card is added to your hand. The idea is to collect better poker combination, than your opponent. You and opponent play turn-by-turn: First shot is yours, next is opponent's, etc... So, try to surprise the supporting girls with your PokerPool skills, and they may surprise you too!

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Dan 2022.10.08 21:44
Opponent usually doesnt get more than a pair or sometimes two pair, so I dont think it cheats in that sense. Seems pretty fair to me. In fact would be good if it played like this in a Poker Pool 5 remake. Also it might be easier to hit the cards you want than in the old game, maybe because of bigger pockets and board.
Shady 2022.07.23 09:15
Anyone know where that video can be found?
nobody 2022.05.22 07:14
The game cheats. The ai can make amazing shots whenever you start to do anything good
Vaseem 2022.03.02 11:43
Pablo 2021.12.28 23:40
Pete 2021.12.20 23:02
Boring game but dirty babes
Boring 2021.12.14 01:58
Boring, the worst when you must wait for the opponent to put his last ball. And video not interesting
W 2021.12.13 06:40
Great babes

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