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Counter-2048, with possibility to move tiles as you want
models: Olivia Sin
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4.1 / 5
Played    15264

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Dan 2019.03.24 03:23
There is a bug where after you swipe a direction, if you click on a tile afterwards but before they move, the direction chosen will change to up. Its avoidable by doing the clicking before swiping but still.
mindin 2019.03.23 22:09
Very nice
Dan 2019.03.20 22:44
This is the version of 2048 that Ive been waiting for. But can you make it so we can also use arrow keys to choose the direction? That is how regular 2048 games have worked and it feels way better for computers, especially laptops. Also, the full screen mode is stuck to the left side of the screen, can you center it?

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