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New version of 2048 game: merge tiles on opposite sides of the square. Busty girl strips with each next value from 2 to 2048, and more...

models: Paola Hard
4.1 / 5
Played    11539
Merge tiles with equal numbers - the resulting tile receives the value of the sum of two merged tiles. You may shift al tiles placed by the border of the field. To shift all tiles for one step, swipe clockwise or counterclockwise over some tiles row. To merge some tiles, push the tile from one side to the opposite side. If the tile will meet there another tile with the same value, tiles will merge. Each time, you receive the higher value, the sexy girl will reward you with the next level of her strip show. To win the game receive the value of 2048.

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Altaf 2021.07.08 05:19
Dan 2021.06.15 06:11
You can play further such as to 8192, but just know that there is no further reward. Level and best score will go up, but it just repeats the 4096 video. Also to address an earlier comment, this game doesnt require much thinking or planning. The help text has some helpful tips like how you can rotate the board (even multiple times) while a tile is being sent to the other side, to more easily align tiles and merge them. Also how you can move tiles to the other side without merging them, by having it push a tile with a lower value off the board. Do it more than once with the same tile if needed. You can also do this to get rid of 2s, 4s and 8s when they stop appearing, to get rid of them and make more space for higher numbers.
Dan 2021.06.15 05:52
The crowd wanted a faster game and they got it. Only 2s appeared before? I probably would have said the same thing, especially since you actually need to get to 4096 to see the last video. A little surprised to see that later 16 and even some 32 tiles appear, but it does help keep the game down to a reasonable length of time. I saw the notes about playing further but if it werent for Kevs comment, I might not have tried to go further. So I guess we should assume that a note about playing further is a hint that theres more to see.
boring 2021.06.14 01:26
the new version is a little better, but still boring!
mee 2021.06.14 01:25
I hope to be finished by the year 2048.
grrr 2021.06.12 19:55
requires too much thinking and advance planning
Kev 2021.06.12 18:26
Getting to 4096 for the actual video takes a ridiculously long time.... The video should really be at 2048 and ideally you should also get some 4s on a new tile and not always 2s
matt 2021.06.12 16:42
at level 5 i start to fall asleep .... i will never see the end
Zzzzzz 2021.06.12 14:34
Most boring game ever.
matt 2021.06.12 13:38
it takes a lot of time to complete the game .... i get bored in the meanwhile ...
LowSelfOpinion 2021.06.12 08:32
Performing a shift while a tile is moving to merge causes tiles to disappear.

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