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First Jack

Be the first, to get Black Jack

models: MS.Lynna
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Assemble the Black Jack (21) faster than your opponent. Collect the sum of 21 (Black Jack) on your three cards. If the current sum of your cards differs from 21, you may discard any (one) card. Your opponent also tries to assemble the sum of 21 on his cards. He also may discard some card. After it, you both receive new card from the deck. When you have the sum of 21, you win the set and go to the next level. And the stripping girl will make each next level more erotic!

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Dan 2019.06.14 04:25
But it does help that you can play a little more smartly than opponent, most importantly try to have 2 of your cards add up to 11 and discard the other one, since you are more likely to draw a card worth 10 than any other card. If 11 isnt possible then try to get between 12 to 20 so you at least have a shot at winning with the next card drawn. Opponent often plays like this too, but thankfully not always.
Dan 2019.06.14 04:17
Not bad idea but very luck based game, so having both 10 levels and level downs may be a bit much. Or another possible idea is to give the player their new card first since they discard first anyway, so if player gets 21 then level up without opponent getting to change cards. As a side benefit it would get rid of pushes.

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