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Cover-Poker (They Play...)
You may win money on girls to strip them both. Bet on the winner in Cover-Poker
models: Merry Pie, Viola
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4.2 / 5
Played    51654

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Aman 2019.03.18 09:59
Nena 2019.03.16 18:10
I want to fuck it
Jack daniels 2019.03.10 11:20
I fucking love this game
Ket 2019.03.09 18:45
Love this game
Fuck 2019.03.09 06:25
Get naked
Jsksbxjd 2019.03.06 11:13
Sex Sex
Ravi 2019.03.03 13:42
Ok very nice
jason 2019.02.02 18:28
Fucking sexy
John 2019.01.09 19:49
Game is not fair. There are so many things they can do, yet they dont.
2019.01.08 16:07
2019.01.04 06:31
How do you get $
PETER 2018.12.06 13:44
Bitch 2018.10.29 00:42
You are hot
Lana bass 2018.10.28 00:32
Get nacked
bigdix 2018.10.22 09:21
very sexy
monique 2018.10.12 04:36
Wanna chat with me? add me on snap my username is realsnaps/ext and let me fill your box with my photos
comnt 2018.10.06 12:14
- play next time, to see another girl video of level 7
Dan 2018.10.06 03:11
Also, like the last game, it has the same problem of not being able to see both level 7 videos of the individual girls in one play. Once you get the other girl to level 7 it skips that video and goes straight to the one of the two girls together.
Dan 2018.10.06 03:07
Thankfully we get to actually see the cards before making a bet this time! But its still a long game. In fact unlike last game, most rounds last 0 or 1 turn so you almost never have a chance to win big. Also the random replacement cards they get can totally change who was going to win by giving them a card they need, and therefore make you lose the bet.
Nice! 2018.09.27 16:33
Hot strap-on action at the end having a long duration. Viola Bailey is smoking hot as always.
froze 2018.09.25 07:10
if only one wasnt frozen
grrr 2018.09.25 01:38
one of the least imaginative games in a string of unimaginative games

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