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The great idea to play golf with the billiard cue - much easier to sink the ball to the hole on the field. Golf fans girls even may strip for you, when you sink your balls to holes on their field

4.6 / 5
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BilliGolf is the mix of Billiard and Golf. You play with billiard cue stick on the golf field. The aim is to put the ball into the hole on the field. There are 2 fields: the Main field with several obstacles and the Side field with the hole. You must lead the ball through the Main field to the exit and get to the Side field. There you may meet sexy girls - golf fans ready to support you with their sexy strip, if you sink the ball to the hole on this field

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uwu 2023.09.29 11:53
you should put Valeria or Ryana as a final boss
Dan 2023.09.29 09:10
Also, I wouldnt necessarily call this a bug, but its odd that when you get the ball past the girl and to the right side (the side with the hole), the ball can actually go through the girl and back to the left side again, if she touches it while moving towards it, instead of bouncing off her as normal (on the right side of the her it should bounce to the right, but on the left it should bounce to the left).
Dan 2023.09.29 08:53
Game seems fine other than being slow in side field for me. But there seems to be a bug with either the adjustable ball speed or the meter showing it. If you lower the ball speed and then get the ball in the hole to complete a level, then next level the meter will still show hit power where you last put it, but the actual hit power seems to be reset to full strength again. You have to click the meter again both to lower the actual hit power, and to synchronize the meter with it again.
name 2023.09.28 02:17
If you change the ball speed to minimum, then you can shoot the ball to the top of the screen. The next shots can move over the top of the ladies. then to the hole.
Somebody 2023.09.27 23:28
Game gets stuck after 1st level using Firefox. With Brave this game works fine but videos load very slowly. They get freeze constantly but resume after some time.
jetfish 2023.09.27 20:50
good concept poorly executed
Dan 2023.09.27 10:50
It appears the side field of this game uses green screen technology that doesnt work on less powerful/older devices and the game will get stuck. There wasnt a warning about that this time. But beyond that, I can still say that its nice to see hit power again but would have liked if it could also be adjusted with the up and down arrow keys for convenience (in addition to clicking on it). Lastly I havent yet seen the ball get stuck indefinitely, but have seen it hang on obstacles for a few seconds and then start moving again.
Falcon 2023.09.26 23:26
Great game. Good challenge and hot women!
solaire 2023.09.26 18:18
fckn horrible game, the frame rate wants me wanna vomit
Heh 2023.09.26 15:13
The idea is nice but the framerate kills the game.
Anon 2023.09.26 06:36
4th level the ball gets stuck indefinitely between obstacles and legs in a never ending loop and its stupid
Steve 2023.09.26 04:51
Good game, but the ball can get stuck in some obstacles. The only way to get it out is to reset the game and lose your progress. Adding a reset button to place the ball at the beginning of the level could fix this.
Wanker 2023.09.26 03:28
Goedie good wank wank Not to easy and great sexy girls . I love tis game
Pete 2023.09.25 22:01
Boringly Simple

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