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Another mix of Billiard and Black Jack. Put balls to pockets, to collect there 21 points on balls values
models: Caty Campbell, Jo
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4.4 / 5
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Telia nelu 2019.04.11 12:08
Dan 2019.03.15 07:50
Oh and in case this is the reason why we havent seen hit power in HTML games, I would think hit power would easily be possible for mobile by adding arrows that can be tapped to change the power level, near the hit power bar. But for desktop computers the option of using the arrow keys to adjust it should be kept too.
Dan 2019.03.15 04:25
As for this game, it can definitely be slow without hit power, especially because theres 10 levels. Much like Billicard, having to hit a specific ball to a specific hole can take awhile. But I do like how you can sink all the balls and as long as you dont bust, you wont level down.
Dan 2019.03.15 04:21
Spinning numbers on balls in an HTML game? Of course Id notice this. So does this mean we are getting HTML versions of some Poker Pools and maybe the first Jack Pool soon? Also the dots on 6s and 9s works I guess but I liked the lines better as they are more noticeable.
peterb 2019.03.14 22:38

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