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BallDick in the Poker Block

Looking for sex in the Poker Block - find cards from the street, make the best combination and receive money. $100 is enough to find good sex in this Block. But, run faster!

models: Elle Rose
4.4 / 5
Played    13177
BallDick is the permanent sex hungry character. He knows how to find sex in the Poker Block - find and take cards from streets and collect some poker combination. When money is enough - even the Sex Queen of the Block will reward him with her perfect fucking skills. But, the block streets are full of stupid cars! So, if you want to fuck, better don't get under wheels!

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2024.01.30 11:18
bad game
Dan 2023.07.21 06:41
But the rest of the game is not bad. The cars move at a reasonable speed and relative to the character, and you can usually still win a level. It can help to stay on the move when near the edges to avoid cards spawning near you, or to go in a lane where you know a car is present already so wont spawn for some time.
Dan 2023.07.21 06:28
A strange thing is that you cant go to the top or bottom most squares, but cards (yes, cards) can still appear there so you cant take them. But especially because this isnt an issue with the left or right most squares since you can go to those. Its like some issue with the grid that the player came move on.
Dan 2023.07.21 05:49
Its unfair that the cars can spawn right next to you, even in the same lane as you, when you are near the edge of the map, since you dont get any time to notice and move or change your movement path. Aside from a system to prevent spawning right near you, another way to address it is to extend the roads out of bounds and have the cars spawn (and despawn) out of bounds further away, so you can still see them coming and react accordingly. It would also be more realistic, instead of cards appearing and disappearing in bounds. But at least theres no level downs, just starting the level over.
2023.07.17 20:59
Wha0t a stupid game

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