Strip Selector


Six sexy girls are ready to strip for you,... if you'll have better poker combination
3.7 / 5
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xbj 2021.02.21 02:40
my favorit is number one - Alysia. Where I found her video?
David 2020.11.03 01:07
I what ot see fuck even uthar
EARL COLLINS 2020.04.30 00:20
i want you now
- to Dan 2018.02.14 14:15
- Dan, it takes into account cards values: if YOU have a flush, and some girl has flush, game chooses the higher card in flush, to define the winner
redredwine21 2018.02.13 18:27
good game ! stripper number 2 is my fav, great ass and lovely juicy pussy lips, plus she takes it like up the arse like a trooper !!!
Dan 2018.02.13 05:41
Pretty good game but it does not take the card numbers into account for some hands like flushes, meaning a flush is just a flush whether the highest card is an ace or 7. Plus the girls often go for flushes. This results in more ties in which multiple girls dress back up.
z 2018.02.10 11:02
Easiest way; take all the cards and put them on your deck, and make sure you always replace the same card; you always end up making 4 of a kind or fullhouse :D
z 2018.02.08 17:34
es imposible

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