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Girls in Puzz
Girls in Puzz
4.3 / 5
A new kind of a puzzle game. You see the image in the upper part of the field. This image is divided into 16 squares, and one cell is missed. In the lower part of the screen, you have a "15 puzzle" - 15 tiles on the field with 16 cells. One cell is empty, and you may move the neighbour tile to this empty cell. You may see the copies of the upper image squares under these semitransparent tiles. But these squares copies are placed in random order. Your task is to find the missing image square under tiles of "15 puzzle". Move tiles on the field. When the needed square is visible in the empty cell - click on it, to place it to the upper image. If you have found correct part of the image, the upper image comes to life and you may watch its video.
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