Who can save a sexy girl stripping on the street from crowds of haters - of course, SexFighter! The most powerful defender of all stripping girls and all kinds of sex demonstrations

4.0 / 5
PLAYED: 7869
tags:  html,    wide,    action,    fight,    enemies,    kill,    girl,    nude,    public,    street,    road,    grandma,    dog,    police,    helicopter,    strip,    blonde,    dildo,    video   
models:  Freya Mayer   

Comments: 9
Adrian2022.08.03 04:13
Nice Game
Dan2022.07.16 07:32
Lol of one of the haters in the game is a gay guy, makes sense. But to the complaints in the comments, SexFighter is supposed to be strong, even overpowered. Hitting the sides just makes him have to reorient a little.
Rolex2022.06.27 18:04
bo2022.06.16 15:23
easy game, nice last levels, gorgeous Freya, tsiom
2022.06.15 17:53
Idk what everyone is saying but this is nice
Wanker2022.06.12 10:07
Stupid game
Pete2022.06.11 12:55
Pretty grim game
Anon2022.06.10 17:00
Boring game. You just do the same thing for 9 levels with no skill and nothing to play against. No timer, no consequences for hitting the sides even though instructions tell you to avoid.
juni2022.06.10 01:11
the game is quite boring but the video is just PERFECT
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