Black Jack of the Opera

This time in the theatre its fan proposed to play an easy Black Jack game. The loser runs for the beer, and each next beer makes the show more exciting

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models:  Verena Maxima   

Comments: 15
Yira2022.05.16 12:38
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VM2022.03.18 14:57
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Carlos 2021.10.02 23:27
Lo más hermoso
Fan2021.09.21 09:20
Verena has done hardcore scat movies. Gross girl.
Slash2021.09.12 10:09
perfect woman
Sarah2021.08.10 20:07
Yes yes
Gello2021.07.19 02:54
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Fiolera 2021.07.12 03:43
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John2021.06.12 18:35
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mike 672021.06.11 13:15
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Game of good2021.05.25 14:21
But boy is she ugly.
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Dan2021.05.21 03:58
As for this game, I dont think the music goes that well with it, too energetic especially for card games. But does beer actually do anything or is it just a term for losing? Its a bit confusing. It says each next beer makes the show more exciting, but thats only true if its the opponent running for the beer. If you run for the beer then all that seems to happen is you level down. Its a simple game, but you could also say its reasonably easy to win.
Dan2021.05.21 03:38
You do not need to wait until you exceed 21 to discard cards like the help text says. In fact you should discard to reach 11 so that you have a good chance of reaching 21 with either a 10, Jack. King or Queen. Also when exceeding 21, you do not have to draw a new card if you can reach 21 by discarding something.
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