JackPool, to discard billiard balls and receive Black Jack faster than your opponent

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Comments: 18
Dan2021.07.01 08:31
I had nearly forgotten how hard this game is, mainly because of the tough opponent (even on earlier levels), how many levels there are, and how long they can be. Getting through the first 6 levels alone is an accomplishment, but it may not be enough to prepare you for the last 3 levels which have a brutal opponent. On those levels, opponent is more likely to keep pocketing balls until they reach 21 and take longer turns. Of course what also adds to the difficulty is that, regardless of the level, opponent always goes for a shot that will get them 21 if there is one.
Henny2021.02.28 20:23
Great game
Aman2021.02.28 08:58
TIm 2021.02.11 11:11
GAME KILLING BUG: If you pot two balls, and the first takes you to 21, but the second takes you away from 21 again, the game freezes. Doesnt display the next button, or let you play on. frustrating
Dan2021.01.20 11:54
First 6 levels are better now but actually still tough, and yes levels 7 and up are harder.
Bug(2)2021.01.07 00:58
At least on mobile, Sometimes (5% perhaps) you cannot control your throw ... and this too is a big bug
Pete2021.01.05 21:57
Worth sticking with for the final anal.
Bug2021.01.05 03:17
for the third time: it stucks when in the same throw it arrives to 21 but also another ball goes in
2021.01.05 02:21
One of the worst!
2021.01.05 02:19
The mobile control is terrible and there is many bugs, for example it stucks when in the same throw it arrives to 21 but also another ball goes in
Dan2021.01.02 06:15
What could help is that you can sink the opponents (red) balls as long as it doesnt give them 21, and it will stay your turn. As usual you can also do this by sinking the que ball after it first touches another ball.
Dan2021.01.02 06:01
The version without opponent can hardly be considered the same game, you just play with yourself until you have 21. There is desire for a version with an opponent, but one that is not so hard due to reasons already stated. Hence the need for something in the middle. Either a version/option with easier opponent or no level downs.
- unplayable2020.12.31 15:10
for those who say unplayable - you have the EASY version without opponent - JackPool-8
Nicky2020.12.31 02:56
This is unplayable. They just never miss unless you have one of your balls in the way (no pun intended). And from there, they eventually get 21. Black Jack. Level down. Start again. So frustrating !
Dudley2020.12.30 14:33
Way too hard. And Level Down on top of it makes this game not worth playing. Make it simpler!
Ard2020.12.30 11:33
The NEVER miss - Useless Game
Toto2020.12.24 17:59
Pretty hard when they rarely miss
Pete2020.12.24 09:16
Nice Girls
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