This time in threesome - undress both your girls opponents in JackHer way

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Comments: 11
Big max2021.12.03 22:26
Cant wait to play
2021.10.20 17:47
why can the girls get BJ after I got BJ and then I level down?! Dumb Shit!
poop2021.10.04 20:56
pretty good
Pogger2021.06.13 23:57
Dan2021.01.20 08:44
Yeah I agree with Confused comment. If the player gets 21 but neither of the opponents do in the current turn, then its unfair that a push could still happen just because they both get 21 at the same time in a future turn. Instead there are a few better options, and they dont have to apply to the player just the opponents. Option 1 would be that after the current turn in which the player gets 21 finishes, if neither opponent has 21 after finishing their turn, the player wins and the opponent with the sum farthest from 21 loses and strips. If both opponents are tied in their distance from 21, then they both strip. This option would also save time and have the player playing more, which could make it the preferred option. Option 2 would be that the opponents keep playing more turns, but if they both get 21 at the same time, the player wins and both opponents strip, because both of them took the longest to get to 21. Option 3 would be the opponents keep playing more turns, but as soon one opponent gets 21, the round ends immediately and the other opponent strips, even if that opponent did not get a turn that round, so the player can still win instead of push. This option could also conveniently apply to the player since they go first.
Tipper2020.12.30 21:26
Tip: Try always having a 10 or a card worth 10
iDK2020.12.09 18:55
This is so fucked like god
2020.11.28 19:15
awesome game 5/5
Confused2020.11.28 06:36
So let me get this straight. If I get blackjack 3 rounds before either of my opponents, neither strips if they get blackjack in the same round. That seems fair...
Raoul2020.11.27 22:32
Seriously, this game just sucks. As soon as you are down to only one opponent, it gets impossible, because somehow you always reveal exactly the card the opponent needs for a 21
petozzolo2020.11.27 05:34
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