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As your opponents are too busty, it makes not so easy to win from both of them in this poker game - Wonderflush. But, you may not look on their boobs, to win the game easier...

models: Viola, Kitty
4.1 / 5
Played    11393
Latvian busty beauties - Viola and Kitty. You play WonderFlush in threesome with them. Just catch better falling cards, to make the highest Poker Combination in your hand. But busty beauties also are good poker players, and they know, how to use their boobs, to divert your attention from choosing cards. So, keep your eye on cards, to win from them both and then to watch them both naked, pleasuring themself...

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2024.03.08 23:34
very good game
2023.12.14 14:59
Big tits
wooow 2023.11.01 11:29
great , their tits are perfect
player 2023.09.29 18:34
superb. two of my favorite girls. thx for using busty girls, that makes sucha difference :)
Dan 2023.09.27 07:39
Only 21 cards but lots of same numbers appear. This would be hard if you had to beat both their hands each time. Still kind of hard even with only having to beat one, and might get little harder after one of them is done. But at that point you can disrupt the other one thats left by taking cards that they want Also yes Viola and Kitty are probably two of the best busty girls.
Whoever 2023.09.23 17:28
Who is good at reading lips? What does Kitty says at about 2 minutes of her final show, when she looks at you and speaks while fucking herself with the dildo?
Pete 2023.09.23 12:27
Too Easy
dan 2023.09.23 09:19
viola and kitty are the best girls ever
Steve 2023.09.23 07:09
Great game! These are two of the best looking girls in your games. In this type of card game, it would be nice to have a button that hid the cards between rounds. The cards often block a lot of the show.

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