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Mating of natural digital cells gives you points to win
models: Merry Pie
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3.3 / 5
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BB 2018.03.23 17:12
153 is max. possible
GhostRacer 2018.03.23 13:01
High score 153!
grrr 2018.03.15 23:48
high score 145!!
2018.02.06 19:50
just numbers
Dan 2017.11.29 22:06
I should have said clear the level and screen, not level up. The next level does not start until you click on the next button, like most other games.So that would not be an issue.
to Dan 2017.10.23 13:05
- your Minor Gripe - is a sense of this game: the show-screen is covered with vaggies, player must clear the whole screen to watch the show (each level - more erotic). If to level-up immediately after sum=100 - player will not see the show! (no sense), So, just clear the screen and watch the scene.
Dan 2017.10.22 04:57
The one minor gripe about this I have is that if you reach 100 or more before getting all 9 pairs, the game should instantly level you up instead of making you get the rest of the pairs. As a tip for other players, you need to reach at least a sum of 100 with 9 pairs of else you level down, so sums of 11 or higher are good as long as you have at least one pair that is 12 or higher.

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