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Triplex Billiard-2

Billiard in threesome on one table - Triplex Billiard-2, where each player scores his own balls. Girls strip for those, who get more balls!

4.4 / 5
Played    21933
Billiard in threesome. (really challenging version!) You play against 2 opponents on one table. All players may play simultaneously. Don't wait till your opponent will finish his turn - make your shot as your cue ball has stopped. This version differs from the previous: each player has his "own" balls of some color, and he must put to pockets only his "own" balls (e.g. You play with Red cue ball, and your balls are Pink) Only your Pink (and cue red) balls are scored for you. Other balls, Yellow are scored for the left (Yellow) opponent-1; Blue balls are scored for the right (Blue) opponnent-2. The set finishes, when all balls of some player (some color) are put to the pockets. The player who has the highest score wins the set, and the player, who has the lowest score - the loser. The loser undresses to the next level. So, try to undress both your sexy girls opponents.

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Falcon 2021.10.27 00:23
Too many balls
Harry 2021.10.04 12:19
2021.08.19 14:37
one of the worst
2021.07.19 01:13
in my software house they would be fired after publicly showing a program like this
terrible 2021.07.19 01:10
these programmers neither know anything about biliard nor know a lot about programming! 1*
I hate theese programmers 2021.07.02 01:26
when your ball goes where you have tried to throw it you must give a party because it is a very strange and rare event and it is clearly against the desires of theese very very bad programmers
2021.05.13 01:17
... this mess of a game!
No 2021.05.13 00:56
I was speaking against who have written this mess!
DanTo Last Comment 2021.05.12 04:11
To last comment, who do you mean by they? Us commenters? I can tell you that this game could be much more random and chaotic. But chaos and difficulty are not the same thing and can even be opposites. Less accurate opponents would result in more randomness and chaos, but on the other hand, more accurate opponents almost always result in the game being harder.
It might be comic but it is tragic 2021.05.12 01:10
I think they do not know the difference between programmed and random
Never seen so many bugs 2021.05.11 00:53
Never seen so many bugs in one game
Dan 2021.05.10 10:54
Or since this game is like Duplex Billiard 4 but with 2 opponents, it could get an easier mode like Duiplex Billiard 4 has, especially to accommodate for the difficulty of facing 2 opponents. Also due to the fast paced, focus-heavy and chaotic nature of this game, I cannot really watch and enjoy the girls videos while playing the game which is a conflict of interest. Even when beating the game, the videos dont play from start to end. One of the videos might replay from the start when you first beat an opponent, but only that 1 video and not after beating the game
Dan 2021.05.10 10:35
When an opponent has lost or is fully undressed, they should be eliminated and not get to play anymore. It makes no sense that if I scored more than the remaining opponent, I dont get to level up just because the opponent that should be eliminated scored the least. Like in any other 3 way game, Its supposed to be head to head once one opponent loses. It was a problem in the first Triplex game and its still a problem here.
2021.05.10 02:40
You are assholes who makes this shit. Fuck these stupid Billiard Games.
2021.05.10 00:56
Always the same bug 1*
2021.05.09 20:51
best game so far!!! 5/5
2021.05.09 05:12
Fucking idiots making this shit!

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