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Tricks of 2

Cards-tricks game, where you may strip 2 busty girls at once. Pity, if you lose,... they dress back. But, when you take more tricks, they both strip so sexy!

models: Sharon White, Kitty
4.5 / 5
Played    5971
You play the cards-tricks game with two beautiful girls. Of course, the game is for undressing. The player, who takes more Tricks wins, and the loser strips down. Take the best cards from the falling deck and beat them both with you higher cards. It may seem surprising, but when girls become naked, they start playing with their pussies, and... you may win and see.

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2023.09.05 15:39
Amazing game very good
1 2023.09.05 14:02
Great girls, tsiom
2023.09.03 18:46
Very good game
Tom 2023.08.30 16:19
Love the models u used. love the busty ones :)
Pete 2023.08.29 21:33
Good Game, Great Anal Slut
Wanker 2023.08.28 10:45
Whohooo she takes it in here ashole good Lille slut
Dan 2023.08.28 06:40
2 opponents to allow for taking of cards in other rows is not bad idea. But weirdly, clicking on cards in opponents rows doesnt always work, in which case you can to try the other row, or clicking a card multiple times which might work. Really it seems like a bug or an underhanded hidden mechanic which should be explained more. Plus I dont think opponents ever have this problem when trying to take your cards. Also, after I finished one opponent and then tied the other opponent in a later round, it got treated as a loss and they dressed back up.

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