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They Play - You Win
Have you ever won on girls? Yes, you may bet on sexy girls and win money, if your girl wins cards
3.8 / 5
Played    56088

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Sini 2020.04.02 18:43
Sex hot
Rolos 2020.01.15 20:31
Nine 2019.07.29 00:26
Fuck boy
nigger 2019.06.13 10:06
fuck this game
Dinnss 2019.06.01 00:18
Its theee bestttt
Tom 2019.05.16 16:41
Tony 2019.04.13 21:20
Its da best
maina 2019.01.19 15:44
i like you
2018.11.30 17:33
it wont let me in the game
Talijani su smradovi 2018.11.15 03:13
Jebem ti talijansku cigansku mater
Oscar 2018.10.10 15:20
make the games easier
Dan 2018.09.06 03:25
-dumbcbu Learn how they play so you can take that as a factor in your prediction. Its pretty simple, they use the card closest to the top that they can and go down from there. Also, try to have at least $75 in the bank at all times so you can raise up to 3 times and win more money. Of course, the game is still rather tedious with all the ties and losses that you have no control over. I stand by what I said in that this game would be better if you could see the cards when deciding who to bet for. It would add more strategy to take advantage of to help avoid losing from bad luck.
SHANKAR 2018.09.05 08:14
dumbcpu 2018.09.03 06:54
when u see the card and know the one u pick should won but cpu decide to do dumb move and lose shame
stefano 2018.09.02 09:33
ho il cazzo piccolo ma sempre duro!!!
Dan 2018.08.31 03:45
Well just bet on Player 1 since they always go first and therefore are more likely to win. Also the first player to pass is guaranteed to not win so its easy betting or passing at that point. There are still lots of ties and yes some inevitable loses, but eventually you win if you raise and pass wisely. If you lose all your money, it just results in one of them leveling down and you getting back some money.
Dan 2018.08.31 02:31
You cant estimate who will win on the initial bet if you cant even see the cards at first. As such the first and most important bet is completely luck based. Very questionable design choice. Yes you can pass on future betting once you see the cards, but still.
MARGHERITA (italy) 2018.08.31 00:41
impazzisco con un dildo in figa e uno enorme in culo che mi sfondi tutta

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