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Strip-Poker Classic

Classic ass shake in Classic Strip-Poker

models: Agatha Vega
3.9 / 5
Played    20612
Strip the girl, by making some good Poker Combinations. Make your bet: $1, $5 and $10. You receive 5 cards from the deck. You may discard your cards and receive new cards from the deck. The machine estimates your Poker Combination, and you receive money according to the Combination Ratio. When your Bank amount becomes more than $100, you may pay to strip the girl. Click on "STRIP" button, and you go to the next level.

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Lorenzo 2021.07.15 18:54
Amp 2021.07.07 18:03
Lets Goooo
Chris 2021.06.29 03:53
Love the game
Pot 2021.06.20 12:59
Vebjørn 2021.06.13 17:15
Os 2021.06.11 04:20
Cummming rn
mj 2021.06.06 23:55
she needs a duet
? 2021.05.27 05:54
Please help I got my penis stuck in a fan
Jim 2021.05.13 15:53
I like it
Hc 2021.05.13 11:51
Lets play
Dc 2021.05.12 03:31
Lets play
Criolan 2021.05.04 17:45
Let s play
Jake 2021.05.01 04:53
Lets get down
Madaboutu 2021.05.01 04:49
Lets play
Pete 2021.04.29 01:43
La concha de su madre putos de mierda
FuckMe 2021.04.26 06:44
Allan 2021.04.25 21:39
I would like see naked
Red 2021.04.21 17:58
I wanna strip
Roji01 2021.04.04 21:08
Mohon di bantu proses referal nya bos
Nope... 2021.03.30 07:54
Those are tattoos on her tits. One is clearly visible title screen closeup. Agatha Vega
meh 2021.03.24 17:09
those are breast implant scars.
/Dan 2021.03.24 10:19
Love to have some fun and get naked
Dan 2021.03.23 09:26
It feels classic all right. Its a bit of a grind, but the model gives quite a show to watch through it. I liked all the dancing and shaking she does, and the background is nice. But I do think its odd that if you have $110, pay $100 to strip, but then bet $10 on the next round and lose, you level down just for losing that one round, and your bank is reset to $50 so you have to earn $60 to level up again, even though you only lost $10. It makes sense on the first level to reset your bank to $50 if you run out of money, but not really on levels after that.
damn 2021.03.17 17:49
how stupid must be this bitch to tattoo her tits like that?????
Pete 2021.03.16 21:25
Not a great game
Tim 2021.03.16 10:19
I used to think they were scars too, but they are actually bad tattoos
wanker 2021.03.16 06:17
super game !!!! big scar in her tits, but i wil fuck her if she pay me

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