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Strip SumPool-3

Your balls are valued,... when they get to the valued hole!

2.1 / 5
Played    22879
There are 10 white balls on the billiard table, numbered from 1 to 10. Billiard pockets also have their values from 1 to 6. When some ball gets to the pocket, its value is summing with the value of the pocket, and their sum goes to your score. The player who have reached the higher score wins the set. Sexy girls at the background - it is your lesbian support team.

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Red 2021.07.27 20:01
Maybe we can play Saturday night
Red 2021.07.27 19:49
I like 2 playing 8 bal
Dan 2021.05.01 03:57
First few levels do seem easier than last few. But if you lose on level 5, you have to deal with hard opponent going first on level 4, who has a good chance of scoring a lot and making you level down again. They scored 43 points then I finally got a turn. I actually managed to sink the rest of the balls and get 51 points, but it was barely possible. If opponent had scored one more ball or probably if I had missed any shot, it wouldnt have been possible to avoid another level down.
rohit 2021.04.27 08:20
enough cheating is happening in this game. ins hort this game sucks
Dan 2021.03.23 08:36
Regarding the 3rd comment, I think theres enough levels and the last video is longer. I also wanted to add that I think the first Sum Pool game was the best. It was much different than regular pool and the opponent wasnt exactly good, but it was tough enough to win.
Dan 2021.03.23 08:31
Regarding the 1st point of the 1st comment, yes opponent doesnt miss much in more basic pool games like this and goes for the highest values in value games. In other games opponent is easier on most levels than on the last few levels, but maybe not this game. But I found it pretty easy to score in this game. If you can rack up a high sum before they get a turn then it doesnt matter how good they are. You should play this on a desktop computer its much easier.
Doc 2021.03.15 15:07
Not enough levels/videos
Pete 2021.03.11 21:55
always the same defects 2021.03.11 01:11
1) the opponent is almost infallible 2) on mobile, there is always the same defect in all this family of games: 10% of your throws are out of your control. You touch right and your throw goes left or up or down ... so 1 star

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