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Strip Contest-2

You are the judge at the Strip Contest. This time you have no money to bribe judges, but you have a gun to kill bad marks

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This game differs from the previous one - you have not money to bribe judges, but you have a gun!... You are the Judge of the Strip Contest with 8 beautiful girls. Choose your favor girl and lead her to the victory. You and other judges give a mark to each of girls. And every girl receives her rank - the average mark of all judges. But, this time judges show their marks on balloons, and let them fly to the ceiling. In this moment you may shoot down ballons with "bad marks", to raise the average mark of your girl, or to decrease marks of competitors. Then the judges define 5 best girls from initial 8 contestants. These 5 girls go to the next 2nd level of the contest. At the 2nd level judges choose 3 best girls from 5 contestants. And at the last 3rd level, judges define the 1 winner of the contest. Of course, at each next level girls shows are more and more erotic! And the winner will surprise you with the most mind-blowing show! So, use your gun, to lead your favourite girl to be a winner of the strip contest.

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