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How to strip the girl - shift cards

models: Naomi Nevena
3.3 / 5
Played    41201
Strip Clubs,... not only Clubs, also Hearts, Spades and Diamonds. Shift cards on the table with 16 cells. Some of cells are marked with cards suits: Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds. Cards may be shifted on the table (left-right; up-down). When some card appears on the cell with the same suit, this card goes "to you", and its value is summing in your SUM. To win the set, you must collect the Sum 100.

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Instead of 100 it should be 1
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Just want tits and arse 🤣
harder daddy 2019.07.02 14:11
im at level 4 i love boobies
LAM 2019.06.02 13:03
Andrey 2019.04.22 01:33
Great game
Edward 2019.03.30 08:11
This girl is pretty hot!
A Dan of the World 2019.03.30 08:07
Portrait mode and swiping aside I think this game is pretty good. Cards resetting back to 7 when you level up was a great idea and makes these games much better. One thing though, if you lose a level, why not level down or restart? Also theres no button to restart the game at this point. Its like a bug or incomplete ending.

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