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Spotlight Flush

Shoot with spotlight, to see cards faces and choose the best poker combination. Yes, shoot, and mind, and compare, and choose cards, etc... to pay all earned money to the girl, to see her stripping!...

models: Ariela Donovan
4.1 / 5
Played    11123
Seven cards hands of 5 cards each are given on the screen. You have to choose from them one hand, with your Poker combination. But all cards are face down. You may "light up" cards with the "spotlight gun" to see cards faces. Aim and shoot with the gun, the spotlight will show you cards of its area. So, you may choose the hand with the best combination. Of course, you receive your money, and on $100 you may strip down the beautiful girl, dancing on the screen.

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Jerome Robinson 2023.04.13 08:20
Reee 2023.04.04 07:02
Dmz 2023.03.20 21:05
Que buena experiencia
Heidar 2023.01.25 01:33
Hi.kiram to konet.
Pete 2023.01.21 10:09
2023.01.20 23:43
How about a more interactive game with sex scenes. Enough with these...
Real bo 2023.01.20 10:08
level 3 is sexy, level 5 shows booty dance, 6 - oh yeah, 8 - the best
2023.01.18 13:42
Dan 2023.01.17 07:10
A minor bug, when you have $100 or more. its possible to click next before leveling up, which stops the level up from happening. But it will level up after the next round, so long as you dont click next too quickly again.
Dan 2023.01.17 06:47
The show is good, but the game is boring and tedious. I mean, most hands are either nothing or one pair, and with how long it takes to reveal every card with the spotlight, its faster to just settle for Jacks or Better (or anything higher) as soon as you find a hand with that. Even just clicking a hand at random without using the light at all isnt a bad strategy (boring, but can focus more on watching the show). I managed to win within 15 minutes by doing just that. with a lot of nothing hands. but also pairs and a few good hands.
Noia Mortale 2023.01.17 02:43
Una noia mortale
Wanker 2023.01.17 01:01
Good game , what is that White spot between the ashole and the pussy ?

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