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Sexy Tunnels

Strip the girl in long tunnels of the subway

models: Lucy Li
3.6 / 5
Played    28366
New service in the subway: when you have to pass very long passage between stations underground, you may take a luggage trolley and take a beautiful girl, who will dance for you on this trolley during your long way... More, she may even strip for you, just pay $50! Where to take this money? - You may always find some money in a lot of garbage on your way in tunnels. Look left and right, and catch dollars from the litter. Wish you fun walk!

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Pot 2021.06.20 13:13
Fjdgnu 2020.07.23 16:32
Mason 2019.06.21 07:24
Its a nice game
John 2019.06.08 01:20
Lucy is so insanely hot
To The Imposter 2019.06.03 21:00
If I was gay I wouldnt be playing these games or telling you how to beat them ;)
Dan 2019.06.03 00:57
Dan is gay
Dan 2019.05.27 05:52
Because if you look closer, the stack of bills is actually a book with a picture of a dollar on the front. Now what would make sense though, is if clicking on the gun or maybe the knife would protect you from being robbed, at least for a little longer than usual.
johndoe314 2019.05.26 11:16
I find it odd that clicking the stack of bills counts as an invalid item.
Dan 2019.05.25 04:43
Or rather, in short, the game wants you to get 45 dollars and then wait for a 5 dollar bill to appear.
Dan 2019.05.25 04:41
Alright here is what is up with this game. Its not hard once you know how it works, which is in a very underhanded and unrealistic way. So I will remedy that here. First, as per instructions if you collect more money it can get stolen, BUT what is not so clear is that this happens any moment you get 55 dollars or more... how strange... though if youre very fast you can still click the pay button to level up before it gets stolen. Second, instructions also say that 10 dollar notes are the most common to find, BUT what it doesnt tell you is that 10 dollar notes dont appear when you have exactly 40 dollars... what are the chances? and the moment you get 45 dollars? 10 dollar notes start appearing again and 5 dollar bills become rare... how astronomically inconvenient... I guess fate is working against you in this game.
Gg 2019.05.24 19:29
No video
gaz 2019.05.24 11:36
doesnt work
Samuelperez 2019.05.21 19:12
Hello how are you game enjoy like fun playing good beautiful nice

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