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Sexy PokerPool-8

Sequel to PokerPool series: discard your cards with billiard balls

4.4 / 5
Played    44623
New sexy mix of Billiard and Poker. Your and opponents cards are placed on the border of the billiard table in special slots. To discard some card you must hit it with billiard ball. When the ball hits some card, the card moves out of table, and the player receives a new card from the deck. You may discard this way your cards, and also opponents cards (if opponents combination seems higher than yours). At the end of the set (when all white balls go out of the game), the player who has better Poker Combination wins the set. If your combination is higher, you go to the next level. And pretty girls play their lesbian games hotter with each next level!

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Pete 2022.10.30 19:26
I like pussies
Dan 2021.03.25 07:14
You know those games where the opponent has a hand, a ball or a goal zone, but they dont do any of the actual playing? Im thinking that if this game or another version of it was like that, itd be easier but it still might not be so easy or fast to win because of all the accidental scoring that can happen, and the randomness of the cards. But there wouldnt be any long opponent turns that youd have to wait through, like when theres lots of balls left and they keep hitting cards with them. Might be a nice alternative to this.
احمد 2021.03.24 01:11
king 2020.09.20 10:19
hey girls
Raz 2020.07.15 14:17
Raz 2020.07.15 14:16
Very hot
Raz 2020.07.15 14:16
Randy 2020.04.04 07:25
Rian 2020.01.17 18:12
Riya 2020.01.11 17:36
मुझे चुदाई करणा बुहत पंसद है
Talaysia 2020.01.10 13:12
I love this game
Adsion 2019.12.31 04:25
Sex with a girl
Piper 2019.12.31 04:24
Fggg 2019.12.09 05:48
Karan 2019.12.01 07:33
Jackxx 2019.11.20 00:30
Just fuck
احمد 2019.11.15 17:55
اللعبه الرائعه
АЛЕКСАНДР 2019.10.13 00:59
Prasad 2019.09.30 22:50
Mark 2019.08.28 12:30
Sex with girl
Mark 2019.08.28 12:30
janish 2019.08.26 09:25
sex with girl
2019.08.18 12:31
Maybe little bit too long? But i love lvl down thing! !!
Dan 2019.08.16 06:39
DB its not even close to the most challenging, but those can be ridiculous. That said this one is challenging enough.
DB 2019.08.14 11:10
Most challenging game on here and the best for that reason
Dudely 2019.08.12 01:51
LEVL DOWN?! stop forcing people to level down, the game is long enough!
grrr 2019.08.09 22:17
terrrible game. video is the only reason I keep playing
Dan 2019.08.08 00:44
To the credit of the other comment, the game does involve a lot of luck that is sometimes infuriating, like the opponent drawing the one card they needed for a better hand than yours at the end of the round, or the red ball rebounding to just the right card that makes you lose at the very end of the round (sometimes across the entire board, on either turn), or just barely missing a shot to your disbelief (basically, every pixel of the white ball must align or overlap with a card in order to go into its pocket). Because of this, even just beating the 5 levels may take awhile (but not necessarily). But, all of these things can happen to the opponent as well and therefore work in your favor (I feel like Ive seen it all after playing just once). Additionally, the opponent may occasionally even make a (seemingly intentional) shot that will probably end up being more ideal for you than for them. I have even ended up winning a few round because of this happening on the last turn. But I like that and find it amusing (and it may help you level up some or make up for bad luck). A worthy sequel game and video at the end.
Dan 2019.08.08 00:14
The one that is not me gives ok advice, but I would balance that with trying to make your hand better (or the opponents hand worse) whenever you can along the way, not just when there are only a few balls left where it may be harder or too late (especially if you miss at this time!) Id also add, beware where the red ball may go, because it can rebound a long way and also discard stuff (after hitting a white ball) that you mightve rather kept. But you can use this to your advantage to make ideal discards when it is easier or more ideal to do so. I wonder what would happen if you did this to get through the whole deck of cards in one round? Presumably the round would end.
fvgdfvgbdfSO 2019.08.07 06:52
So fucking hard!!! Fuck off of this game!
not dan 2019.08.07 04:30
not bad, mostly based on luck. Clear the table for what ever you can. and when you are down to very few balls, that is when you want to save your cards or ruin the opp hand

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