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Same Dress Girl

Everybody knows, when the girl meets another girl dressed in the same clothes, she may even take off her own part of dress,... not to look the same. So, you may use this trick - show her some another girl dressed similar, and strip her to the happy end...

4.6 / 5
Played    8928
Very effective idea: if some girl will meet another girl dresses in the same clothes, she will become angry and may take off her own dress... How to use it in our life: go to the nearest clothes store, find some similar clothes part (better on some another girl, or even on the mannequin), and show it to the girl. She will take off her clothes and you will see her stripped. Works perfect, but needs several iterations...

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Dan 2023.08.16 07:03
There is a bug to avoid so the game does not become unwinnable. If you click on a different floor level when the white lightning appears for bringing the correct item, this stops the level up from happening and the item does not reappear on floor 0. Also, it seems that all 4 videos play at once, at least when you are changing floors, and this could make the game go slower (at least for some devices). Videos could simply not play until you land on a floor, but if you wanted to go all out, could be accompanied by an animation where you go in an elevator behind closed doors when changing floors, which could also lead to reaching a higher floor faster instead of having to visibly pass every floor.
Dan 2023.08.16 06:55
Lots to say on this one. I dont like the trial and error you need to do to figure out the order of clothing to bring. I suppose girls cant really tell you what they want in this game, but still. The only consistency is that shirts/skirts will be among the first 2 items, and bras/panties will be among the last 2. For those wondering, the Dildo is the thing with a coffee and donut pattern on it on the right screen, and you bring it to floor 4 (Ariela). It doesnt have to be after you undress the other girls, just her. Might have been nice to have dildo scenes for the other girls too, but the game is long enough anyway.
x 2023.07.01 11:06
Found no anal / dildo even after getting all girls to lvl 5. Am I doing something wrong?
2023.06.29 09:40
swipe left / right on selection
freak 2023.06.28 08:12
i am only find one dildo
Not working 2023.06.28 02:47
Not working after the first dress
no 2023.06.27 11:25
swipe for more options
Wanker 2023.06.27 07:55
Its okey
Pete 2023.06.26 20:40
Different Sort Of Game, Wish That Was Me Up Her Arse.
g 2023.06.26 15:16
it works but the order of items kinda wierd
Frenchloving1 2023.06.26 07:17
i think this game is not working

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