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Roller Coaster Sexy Ride
Hold out your whiskey, to have the strip show on a Roller Coaster
models: Olivia Sin
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4.1 / 5
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Got it 2019.04.09 21:19
Luke Walsh 2019.04.09 12:30
Mom and I were both talking about how awesome this song would be to have sex together with, so we did.
Dudely 2019.04.09 08:49
too short, too easy
Dan 2019.04.09 07:27
But theres a cheap trick to win for those desperate or just wanting to see the show. Just keep clicking on the bottle quickly and it wont get a chance to move. Sort of like simply holding onto it like what you would do in, you know, real life.
Dan 2019.04.09 07:23
Oh a reaction game, how ironic. First a bug or at least an unfortunate limitation, you cant click on the whiskey bottle to catch it while its falling over! Before realizing this it confused me and caused me to lose a few times. Otherwise this game is pretty fair to play with a mouse and touch screen, but pretty brutal with a touch pad mouse. However, sometimes the bottle can suddenly sort of zoom off screen without stopping or falling over first, which feels kind of cheap since you still lose a minute of progress for that.
Dudely 2019.04.09 04:55
too long, too hard

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