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Red Fur

The best of redheads are busty redheads! While there are a lot of red fur on the background, you may change your cards with opponent, to make your Black Jack

models: Scarlett Jones
3.5 / 5
Played    8936
The game is based on Black Jack idea - collect 21 sum on your cards. You and opponent have 5 cards each. You may change your cards with the opponent. Choose your card and push it to the opponents side. It will replace the appropriate opponent's card, and this card will come to your hand. When you have 21 BJ sum on your cards, you win the set, and a lot of tits on red fur will strip more and more...

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2022.04.29 02:26
Still not working!
So bugged 2022.04.25 00:35
Never seen a game so bugged in this site
Stuck stuck stuck 2022.04.24 02:57
Hey programmers ... are you stupid or what
Needs fixing 2022.04.20 15:50
Needs correcting
Still not corrected 2022.04.20 03:26
Stuck one more time. Plus: if the sum of the 2 sides is 42 ... you necessarily obtain 2 blackjacks ... and you loose! 1*
Pete 2022.04.18 11:37
Nice puss
2022.04.18 00:51
Random cards means that you could get stuck with combinations that cannot sum to 21... 1*
Warrior69 2022.04.16 08:02
Wonderful model in everything!!! Lovely game, should be tested more the position of the 4th card in column. Five stars!!!
trempoi 2022.04.16 01:56
not a huge fan of her but game is great!
2022.04.15 16:06
Also, this model is hideous. Sorry for her but what happened to her lips?
2022.04.15 16:00
Random cards means that you could get stuck with combinations that cannot sum to 21.
+ 2022.04.15 12:59
more this type of game
2022.04.15 08:18
Good gameplay and nice tits nothing more
W 2022.04.14 23:45
Great girl love her tits. More tits please
bo 2022.04.14 13:38
I dont like her face,boobs and pussy haircut, but for ass and outfit - 2 stars tsiom

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