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Discard so many cards in Poker, as many balls you've scored in Billiard
models: Lucy Heart
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gary 2019.04.02 02:29
luv to empty my balls deep inside her
2019.04.02 01:07
bet she likes it up the ass
gary 2019.03.25 15:15
pure ride
2019.01.30 19:07
soca a pica
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2018.11.15 23:17
i would fuck the shit out of you
wtf 2018.11.12 20:29
My opponent hit the balls flawlessly every time...really?
gary 2018.11.12 16:02
i like when she fingers herself
hhhh 2018.11.02 11:31
fuck of yuor gammes
Holy natural body 2018.11.01 03:16
what a goddess
phileep 2018.09.13 15:34
wow great
olie 2018.07.09 02:22
Sexy lady right there
jailbreak flag capture 2018.07.04 09:59
so sexy
peterb 2018.06.27 23:34
what a sexy lady
jason 2018.06.01 07:54
you are sexy
Dan 2018.05.11 06:57
Its pretty fun, and sexy, the way it is now.
Luke Walsh 2018.05.07 14:13
This is the easiest game, even easier than my mom
Dan 2018.05.06 05:20
Yepa, search for EroPool and play that if you want a super hard pool game. Or really any pool game from back then or older. Only way Id want to go back to hard opponents like that is if they also went back to having different difficulty buttons, and that actually make a big difference.
yepa 2018.05.05 14:44
nice little game.. little bit too easy.. computer miss way too eady shots.. but still good game.. there is couple things what i would change. 1. when you have discard your cards. you see enemy cards.. 2. starting round me, computer,me,com.. 3. computer should use more red ball points.. but still very nice and sexy game.. i hope there coming another similiar game different opponent? maybe handicup?
Dan 2018.05.04 05:54
On second thought they dont miss that much. Its a small board so even if they are less accurate they still get a lot of shots, and the balls slide across easily.
cheaty game 2018.05.02 09:19
Dan 2018.05.01 08:57
and now that I have... Id prefer if we could see the opponents cards, just because it would make the game more interesting and to see how they discard. Anyway its good that you always go first and that the opponent misses some shots no matter the level, though its still pretty tough. But I did manage to win. Also the red ball slides around a LOT. It can work in your favor, but its annoying when the opponent manages to sink it just because it slid around so much.
Dan 2018.05.01 07:46
Impersonator your joke is getting old. I have not played this game yet.
To Ash 2018.04.30 13:53
the key is Score1 and Score2 if you know what I mean ... ;)
Ash 2018.04.30 07:00
Finally won...hard game..the key is to try to win all balls in billiards Tip - Red ball if touches any white ball and goes into a pocket is also counted
Herb 2018.04.30 04:23
no way to beat this game, try again Programmers.

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