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Poker-Darts Duel

As I know, you (Big Boss) were not satisfied with defending role in last Poker-Darts game. So you have contracted two new secretaries to play the shooting Poker-Darts with you. Hit cards to make your Poker Combination and strip them both

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Poker-Darts is a mix of Poker game with shooting Darts. Hit the card that you want to take to your hand... Big Boss were not satisfied with the "defender role" in previous Poker-Darts game, so he has fired his previuos secretary and have taken two new to make the game sexier to win... Both players (you and the pair of sexies secretaries) shoot with their darts, to hit and take cards, to receive some poker combination. Of course, the winner wins! And losers (hope, both new secretaries) strips to the next level.

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Paul 2022.12.04 23:47
Stefany Kyler (aka Nata Paradise) is super hot!
2022.11.30 04:16
bo 2022.11.28 09:18
14 mins, nice show, tsiom
Jassu 2022.11.27 11:07
Pete 2022.11.16 21:26
Easy, nice anal blonde
Dan 2022.11.16 05:13
This is actually pretty easy with the cards in the middle. But it does work for 2 girls and good that we got a game like this, and pretty quickly.
bo 2022.11.15 10:41
Although Stefany is better generally, both girls are amazing, tsiom
Wanker 2022.11.15 00:35
Ariela !!!!!! Hot girl

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