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Poker Train

The railway sorting station is the best place to catch sexy girl stripping. But to see more of her, ... gather the train of poker cards to win some cash on good poker combination, and pay for strip...

models: Freya Mayer
4.2 / 5
Played    20935
Some beautiful girl is stripping behind the freight car on the railway sorting station. If you want to progress her strip, you have to pay $100 to her - normal price for railroad yard strip show. To get those fantastic money for her tits view, you must gather the train at this sorting station. All wagons are marked as poker cards, so you must gather 5 wagons with some good poker combination, and receive appropriate cash. Wagons are parked at different rails tracks. Rails crossroads have switches. So, you must switch these railway switches to allow the locomotive to get to the chosen cards-wagons. The easiest way to strip the girl on the railway backyard.

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Alex 2023.11.11 15:23
I love to fuck girls
Dan 2022.10.06 08:58
You can usually only get 2 pair or even just a pair. Occasionally 3 of a kind or full house. So it takes awhile to win. I see that a speed button was added. Thats nice to have, but cant slow down after pressing it. Trains may takes awhile to slow down, but still. So you pretty much have to have all the tracks lined up before pushing it. But good thing no level downs for crashing, and good video.
Pete 2022.05.13 02:18
Markoni 2022.03.20 15:39
Pozdrav svima
Falcon 2022.01.24 16:03
Excellent Game! Freya is a hot woman.
bo 2022.01.11 15:14
I love her body tsiom
Tim 2022.01.10 15:01
Nice game, nice girl, nice music
W 2022.01.10 04:35
Great Model. Need button to speed train up and finish route
2022.01.10 03:05
Has been a while since BJ country
Rambo 2022.01.09 12:59
Nice girl slow game
Bad 2022.01.08 21:03
Not good
Boring 2022.01.08 03:02
Slow and boring

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