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Pleasure Combination-2

Stripping girls in big limousine - it is the best guarantee to get to the big business! But, if you win poker...

models: Angelika Grays
4.0 / 5
Played    23905
This time Big Boss has invited you to his limousine, to play the advanced poker game (maybe because he enjoys when you lose...). The game is an easy poker variation: both players may discard their cards up to 5 times. Who have better combination - wins the set. And again, some beautiful girl is dancing on a pole inside his big limo... She strips more, when you win,... just to distract your attention.

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James 2022.01.02 01:21
Very good
boobmastrre 2021.10.14 06:10
Riya 2021.09.27 15:26
Hi sax
Lucas 2021.09.11 20:42
Fadi 2021.09.02 00:49
Lets try
cole 2021.08.19 06:41
nope cant win this game, it be fixed :P:
Skekek 2021.08.16 08:24
Pete 2021.08.03 23:10
Nice Lips
Boobs 2021.06.25 07:48
Wanker 2021.06.22 07:28
Good game, Good girl, i give IT a Good wank
Dan 2021.06.22 03:52
Though I should say if you dont or rarely level down, it doesnt take too long, and the strategy I described gives you a good chance of winning rounds.
Dan 2021.06.22 02:57
This one is a bit long since every round you need to wait for one or both of you to discard 5 times, and because the best strategy involves only discarding when it would improve either your hand or theirs. This often involves waiting for the opponent to discard so they that they waste their discards on useless cards, while you snatch up the cards that would improve either your hand or theirs.
2021.06.22 02:36
Erneut - wie so oft - ein dummes, scheiß, reines Glücksspiel!! Euch fällt echt nichts mehr mit Substanz ein, wie? Man kann NULL beeinflussen und die AI bekommt/zieht definitiv die besseren Karten, was lächerlicher Betrug ist!! Eure Müll-Games machen keinen Spaß, und ich werde diese Website nie wieder besuchen. Pure, weak and very stupid RNG Games... goodbye!!

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