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Pleasure Combination

It is a basic configuration of any expensive limousine - for sure there are poker and stripping girls... and some rich man, allowing you to play with such Pleasure Combination

models: Lya Missy
4.2 / 5
Played    11976
You are a young businessman, needing some support. And you was invited by a rich sponsor... into his limousine. But instead of speaking about "business", he proposed to play an easy poker game: both players may discard their cards simultaneously, and when some player says "STAND", the set is stopped. The player who has higher Poker Combination wins the set. The game is easy, but something distracts you form cards... maybe the stripping girl in the limousine...

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Raoul 2021.06.18 18:59
this is bullshit... The girls always start with a perfect hand and Stand so i can only switch one card...
Pete 2021.06.17 21:00
Okay, Nothing Amazing. However nice Flaps
2021.06.10 13:36
Wow fantastic game, nice girl, nice game.. i love how opponent can stand too anf forcing you stop too!!
Dan 2021.06.10 03:33
Ok its fixed now. By the way nice bouncing boobs and ass in the show.
Dan 2021.06.09 04:31
Question, I had four of a kind and waited until there there was only one card left for opponent to change, they had something worse, but instead of me winning, the game forced a tie and a new round to start, and they didnt even get to draw the final card. Why? Makes no sense and is anti climactic If I have four of a kind and the opponent has something worse, it should not be a tie just because the cards run out. At that point the game should force a standoff and have the winner be declared.
Dan 2021.06.09 03:46
At least this game is more straightforward about what it is, and has good music. To address last comment, just because it can be won fast doesnt mean its too easy. I mean often opponent will start with a better hand and you only have time to change 1 card before they stand. Maybe could have had a few more levels to be a little longer, but regardless, you are given some time to interpret the hands and react so that you can actually level up and win.
Kalmos 2021.06.08 12:06
No difficulty : game finished in 2 minutes
Matt 2021.06.08 09:22
Such a smocking hot girl !!!
wanker 2021.06.08 06:07
good game, very hot slut, but the thing is stripping girls.... only one girl to wank off

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