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MergeBalls Shows
Switch On all shows by merging balls in BoobyRoofs city
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KevinX 2018.03.13 02:09
Only the live shows (rooms with curtains) have 2 parts. And they only show when you reach a new max value in that room. So use TV rooms to combine lower values, and use live show rooms to raise the max value.
S 2018.03.12 16:19
Who is the girl in 11 Pink bra. does ass shake
Not grrr 2018.03.12 06:45
Yes the car method works but if it is a high tile then you lose it. Being able to swap tiles would be better.
- to grrr 2018.03.11 21:18
- easy, to get rid of a ball, if you have no place to merge it - get run over by a car.
grrr 2018.03.11 19:25
If you pick p a number and don;t have any place to merge it you lose. You can;t get rid of it once you pick it up. Damn! starting over
Dan 2018.03.11 04:21
I do think something should be done to ensure that does not happen though. Perhaps a cap on the required merge value so you never have to get higher than, say, 256 to unlock any show.
Dan 2018.03.11 04:18
At first I misunderstood the directions and thought the TV shows had multiple parts, so I wasted several value increasing merges. So I had to reach value 2048 to beat the game and that took a few hours! If you dont waste any higher value merges though, you can beat with the game with as low a value as 128!

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