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A lot of girls are waiting for you in cells of JowBlob castle
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fuck your selp 2018.10.20 18:31
Who wants to sex with me
Dan 2018.08.12 04:33
Takes about an hour to complete and its always blowjobs followed by anal or/and vaginal sex. Though one girl has a brief tit fuck so congrats on that. If you like just sex and lots of it then youll probably like this game but personally its not really my type. However a few other things. Contrary to what directions say, there is not always a lost dollar somewhere. Once you have a coin, you have to spend it first before another will appear. I would prefer if we could hold several coins at a time so that we dont always having to go find another one right after spending one. The other thing is after visiting a girl twice, there should be a better way to tell specifically for that girl so that you dont accidentally waste more money on them. For example they could say that you already saw their whole show. Theres numbers on the map but they seem to be random and serve no purpose.
Dan 2018.08.12 04:04
Pressing M on the keyboard also brings up the map just like in Floating Maze. Also if you dont like where the coin is such as if its too far, you can go into a cell and exit to change its location.
Jimmy 2018.08.05 16:34
That was fucking awesome! All the girls are hot, most of them take it in the ass, what more can I ask? Another one, with all of them doing anal, maybe?
+ cum shots 2018.07.19 23:20
for more cum shots - use search: cum shot
grrr 2018.07.19 23:05
cum shots are rare. grand maze on 2 is the only one I can think of
Dudely 2018.07.17 23:59
I asked for videos of sex scenes and here they are! Thanks so much - well worth the wait! Keep it (and me!) Cummin!
del monty 2018.07.16 19:04
good game but there are no cum shots
KevinX 2018.07.14 06:13
There are 12 total girls. And after you complete them all, you can cycle through all the videos as much as you want.

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