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Full House Monster

Black Helmet as always on the sex hunt, but this time in the poker-maze. Find and collect cards from the maze floor to make good poker combination, and receive enough money to get to the princess room. But beware of the hungry monster!

models: Tina Kay
4.7 / 5
Played    13477
The well known sex hero Black Helmet is on the next sex hunt in the poker-labyrinth. This time he has to find cards on the maze floor, and collect some good poker combinations, to receive enough money to be invited to the princess room. Of course, the princess will reward the hero, ... if he can avoid of be eaten by the hungry Monster in this maze. Each next level the reward will be hotter, so run!...

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Yo man 2023.07.23 12:35
Hello hi
Real bo 2023.01.23 11:51
a little bit long game, but tina`s good
Peter 2023.01.07 16:36
nice Video, game ist 9/10
Pete 2023.01.04 21:28
Dirty Bird
2023.01.04 19:51
Bad game
Dan 2023.01.04 07:50
Just as a warning, its possible to pick up all the cards without reaching $100, in which case youd have to get eaten by the monster for more cards to appear.. So have to make good enough hands.
Dan 2023.01.04 07:45
For once making the hand in the title, full house, is good advice. Then just need a two pair or better to level up. Just losing money instead of level down is more reasonable, especially for if monster starts close to you.. But monster does get easily trapped in this maze. Game might be a bit long or boring since the video is between levels rather than during, but not bad.

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