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Flush them Both

Poker games are hard, because you cannot get needed card... But here, you may notice opponents cards and change your cards with them. Your opponents are too sexy to control your discarding...

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Two beautiful girls are your opponents in the simple (as it may be) poker game. After you have received 5 cards from the deck, you may change your cards with any of your opponents, till you will be sure, that your combination is the best. And your sexy opponents will not prevent you for such discarding, because they are concentrated on their strip dancing. Each of them wants you, to strip her first. But you have to flush them both (with your Royal Flush...why not...)

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2023.12.10 18:51
hell nah
Dayan 2023.07.22 14:04
Oh yeah yes cum cum cum
Sahana 2022.11.16 06:40
Ohh yeah
bo 2022.10.12 09:11
excellent game! I will cum on my darling Alya, she`s perfect today, tsiom
Tim 2022.10.07 11:51
Some of the videos froze. This would be an excellent game if there was a limit to the number of moves. currntly its trial and error
Dan 2022.10.06 04:04
Oh nevermind, in this game when you finish stripping an opponent their hand no longer matters. Just for switching cards.
Dan 2022.10.05 06:10
Too sexy to control discarding, lol. While you might not be able to see all the cards at the start in time, face cards are easier to notice, and can switch a whole hand if needed. Might have to do that when only one opponent is left to strip anyway, to ensure that they have the worst hand.
Pete 2022.10.04 22:42
First. Nice Girls

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