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Eazzy Cover

Cover more cards than your opponent, to strip this sexy girl

models: Izzy
4.0 / 5
Played    35532
If you cover more cards than opponent, you win the set. Higher card covers lower card of the same suit. Choose some your card and cover some opponent's card. Then, your Opponent covers some your card. When the Opponent have no card to cover, he "Passes". If you have covered more cards, than opponent in current set, you win the set and go to the next level. Of course, the next level will be more erotic!

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mike provenzano 2021.02.03 02:38
very preety woman to be around to be with.
Raj 2019.06.30 14:15
Great work anal
Fahmi 2019.04.21 16:30
I love sex
save 2019.04.20 13:36
Russell 2019.02.04 01:12
can you make it sexyer?
Dan 2019.01.15 21:08
Eazzy Izzy pun aside, glad to see that easy is accurate because theres no level downs. Also once the deck runs out of cards, you win even if the opponent still has cards that can cover yours.
Fred 2019.01.14 04:28
Would love to see a red head
Andy 2019.01.11 23:57
This is a very slow game with random results.
Luke Walsh 2019.01.11 12:28
My mom winks her pussy like that to me

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