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Chips Tricks

Chips Tricks - are cards Tricks, when some Card-Chip covers lower Card-Chip of the same suit. The sum increases your score. If your score is higher than opponent's the brunette strips for you

models: Kitty
4.4 / 5
Played    15419
Cards-Chips to take Tricks: When the higher chip covers the lower chip of the same suit, you take a Trick with the value of those chips sum. Move some chip to the next cell, to cover the lower chip. Try to take more tricks to receive the higher score, than your opponent. The more you win, the more busty... Oh, sorry,... the more this busty babe will strip for you!

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Mila 2023.04.03 20:23
Mila azul
Ganesh.. 2023.04.02 19:24
pablo 2023.02.03 09:07
what is she looking for please help
Pete 2023.01.30 21:42
Nice ass fingering and anal
2023.01.30 17:36
simply the best game
Real bo 2023.01.30 10:06
Nice videos, well done, Kitty! 5 stars.
jack 2023.01.28 09:46
perfect girl , slim body with great natural tits , love it so much
Dan 2023.01.28 01:57
A lovely girl indeed. I assume nonsense game refers to having to wait for the opponent to decide to line up suitable chips, so that you can be the one to make a trick next turn. Yes sometimes it is stubborn and refuses to do that. It can help to move chips closer together and to try and block off useless moves, so that more of the moves that they can make will result in lining up suitable chips for you to take next turn. But I do like that the round ends if its not possible for the other player to overcome the higher score. That definitely saves some time in this game.
Random guy 2023.01.28 00:25
Lovely girl,nonsense game

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